Exclusive Premiere: Ben Tyler’s Album ‘Phoenix’ Takes Flight

Music Crowns

August 11, 2022

Singer-songwiter Ben Tyler delivers the perfect indie-pop album for the end of summer with Phoenix, releasing on all streaming services tomorrow. The LP includes ten tracks, including an inspired cover of the late Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down.” 


Music Talkers

August 12, 2022

Ben Tyler brings a fresh voice to pop in his new album Phoenix, released on all streaming services today. Chronicling the pain of reconciliation, emotional breakthroughs, and moments of quiet success, the 10-track release fully showcases the singer-songwriters creative bandwidth.The artist has a long history of writing, recording, and performing original music that has led to the anticipated full-length collection. After opening for major artists and playing countless live shows in Boston and New York City, Tyler was finally ready to share his experiences with the world.

Ben Tyler’s New Indie-Pop Album Phoenix Takes Flight

Spinex Music

August 17, 2022

A New Jersey native, Ben Tyler played in various bands while in Albany, NY and Boston, MA before finding himself in a small corner of the Lehigh Valley. His pop-based melodies and emotionally-driven lyrics have landed him many opportunities, opening for national acts including Guster, Simple Plan, Tyler Hilton, Ludacris and Collective Soul, among others. 

Song/Tunesmith BEN TYLER Shares Universal Emotions On His New Enchanting Album ‘:PHOENIX’

Turn Up The Volume

August 18, 2022

Tyler does what every inspired and romantic singer-songwriter does. Translating universal human emotions experienced in their personal life to heart-and-soul touching songs for everybody. Tyler charms with bittersweet symphonies (Ready / Here Comes The Light, with candlelight ballads (On My Way Home / Stay / Ashes / Colide / With You), upbeat earworms (Doin It My Way / Somebody), a tender Tom Petty cover (Won’t Back Down), and last but not least with his compelling and nostalgic voice.

Pause & Play Today

Pause & Play

August 16, 2022

Track-by-track: Ben Tyler’s :PHOENIX: is Thoughtful Pop Perfection


August 22, 2022

As a whole, :PHOENIX: is a prime example of pop genius blended with real, raw emotions that are messy until they’re put on the page. The beauty of art in any form is the finished product and the journey it took to get there- and the journey Ben Tyler has been on has officially taken off.

94twenty podcast – Episode 104

94 Twenty

Podcast episode 104

Featured Artist – Ben Tyler –
In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the AI controversy in music. And why music catalogs from “back in the day” are a hot commodity these days. Also, fascinating information on pianos, and so much more! Our featured artist is Ben Tyler and he even answered our “Questions of the Week!”

Ben Tyler surpasses expectations on long-awaited debut, ":PHOENIX:"

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August 14, 2022

It should also go without saying that the diverse use of instrumentation adds to the allure, as well as Ben’s vocals that show such a dynamic range and capability. There’s a real originality and uniqueness in the entirety of :PHOENIX:, and we sincerely cannot wait for its inevitable followup! For now, please go ahead and check out the links below to listen, follow along, and of course to keep up with more on the way.

Ben Tyler: Rising To The Light

Outside Left

September, 2022

"I started playing out with bands when I was 15 in and around the NJ, NYC and Boston areas in a number of clubs. I began writing around the same time as music was always my passion, I wanted to be able to explore my own creativity. My earliest stuff is very primitive by today’s standards."